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Q: What type of experience does Vaughn have as a speaker?
Q: How would you characterize Vaughn's 'style' of speaking?
Q: What makes Vaughn stand out among the diverse group of available speakers and trainers?
Q: Why should we spend our budget on a business speaker who infuses his presentation with humor?
Q: Can I see Vaughn speak before I book him?
Q: Is Vaughn only a conference “keynote” speaker, or does he offer professional development programs, as well?
Q: What are the costs and fees? When is payment due?
Q: Are the speaking rates flexible? Can they be negotiated?
Q: What expenses should I expect?
Q: How are expenses and billing handled?
Q: Do we need to provide the audiovisual and other equipment?
Q: Can our organization tape your presentation?
Q: What happens after the event?
Q: I still have questions. Who should I contact for assistance?