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Our events consist of Speaking engagements, Mentorship Trainings, Organizational Trainings and more. Whether you are a business, non-profit or a school, Vaughn L. McKoy can help your team to aspire to reach new heights and affect change in your environment.

clients testimonials

I finished your book – wow! It’s an autobiography! Very touching and motivating at the same time…

- Vivian,

So I bought your book for my Kindle to read on the ride back to Colorado last week.  I can’t imagine the discipline it took to get something like that done while working and raising your family and working on your mentoring/networking group and living your life!  Congratulations!
It provoked about a thousand thoughts … You’ve had a fascinating life and career.  Thanks for sharing!

- Vicky,

I had the privilege of meeting Vaughn when he served as a guest speaker at my company’s luncheon. The event was a kickoff for a Mentorship Program I was joining, a program in which new hires like me are paired with the company’s experienced veterans to foster growth. Vaughn was a compelling speaker, and his writing is transparent to his character. He does not lecture; Vaughn inspires everyday people and connects with the common struggle so well because he is a realist and a product of his own childhood struggles.  This book entered my life at a very opportune time. I had recently become somewhat of a mentor to my younger teenage cousin, who was in dire need of guidance. In my efforts to help him mature, I soon hit a wall; I had run out of answers, run out of encouraging words, and I needed guidance, myself. This book provided the encouragement and wisdom I needed to continue on the path to success and to become a better mentor in the process. I can’t thank Vaughn enough.

- Trevor,

I was impressed by you the first time we met. Knowing more about the challenges you encountered growing up I am blown away! God Bless you for sharing your story. 

- Tim,

Standing room only! Great message from a very talented and successful colleague–even if you didn’t make it to the NFL.

- Shannon,

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